SeaLiner - in brief


Trade Ship's products are a blend of the Container Shipping industry's best business practices with an efficient use of technology, to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions to our customers, through:

  • Standardized, user-friendly products with total adaptability and increased productivity.
  • Continuous investment in research and development to incorporate latest available technology into application software.
  • Developing and utilizing highly efficient objects / productivity tools to build applications, to reduce development and modification time, as well as achieve maximum savings on maintenance.
  • Flexible configuration of the system, leaving the customer and not the IT vendor in charge of quality.
  • User-friendly screens.
  • Easy to use interfaces.
  • Extensive use of automation.
  • Comprehensive information delivery to customers and partners through Internet and EDI.
  • Alert notifications between agent users & management.
  • Highly effective support tools for business decision-making.
  • Responsive management, design and development team acting as a strategic partner committed to service and support.
  • Highly experienced business analysts.