Capt. Christopher Lloyd, Corporate Procurement Manager at Atlantic Container Line/ACL:
We recommend Trade Ship to any liner operator with a need to automate and streamline their operations through enhanced IT systems. Trade Ship has a broad range of experience dealing with the requirements of the shipping industry, both afloat and ashore, and is well positioned in the sector with the SeaLiner application.

Alisa Choong Chor Ling, General Manager, Information and Communications Technology at MISC Berhad:
We implemented SeaLiner in five phases for a total of 21 modules with integration to SAP deployed to more than 110 offices over 45 countries around the world for more than 1,400 users.
The application availability averages on 99.9% for the past 12 months.

Hartwig Schulze-Eckardt, Executive Director at Regional Container Lines/RCL:
The first Dolphin modules have gone live in these days and I hear positive comments.
What I particularly like is that the project team is positively commenting on the very cooperative attitude from the SeaLiner team.

Charles Menaro, President Director at Meratus Line:
We are highly impressed by the commitment, speed and quality delivered by the Trade Ship team for our Unicorn project…… this will enable us to further strengthen our position as a leading player in this area and to expand our business. Personally, I am especially looking forward to harvesting the benefits of SeaLiner's comprehensive yield management facilities - including detailed contribution margin calculation for each container already at the time of quotation and booking for pro-active decision making.