Commitment to Our Staff

Trade Ship believes that its strength and success is generated by the quality of its staff. Loyalty, motivation, dedication and team effort are ingrained in every staff member. Training, career development and a policy of staff responsibility, reflects the Company commitment to its employees and their service to customers.

Commitment to Our Products

Trade Ship (TSI) is dedicated to product enhancement. We offer an enterprise-wide approach for fully integrated business solutions, independent of hardware and operating systems.

This dedication is evidenced by seven million dollars worth of product investment in the last four years.

Presently Trade Ship is developing SeaLiner 12, the latest version of our production offering.

Our next generation product - SeaLiner Enterprise - incorporating futuristic architecture, excellent framework and deploying optimum development processes, is also being developed.

Commitment To Our Customers

It is our mission to be committed to our customer - please see Our Mission